Recruiting qualified, talented and responsible drivers is a critical element in providing the safest possible transportation. Ultimately, a top quality workforce improves safety performance.

GCS’ base eligibility requirements for all drivers includes employment and residency verification, criminal background checks, drug screenings and physical dexterity testing, and driving history is checks. All drivers must pass and maintain DOT physical exam certification.


Passenger safety is GCS’ most important commitment. That is why our driver hiring qualifications and training exceed state and federal requirements. Hiring the right people and then developing, coaching and motivating them is our ongoing commitment. GCS screens candidates thoroughly and uses the most effective, up-to-date background checks and drug screening techniques available to industry today.

GCS utilizes a driver qualification audit system to ensure that all state and FMCSA requirements are met and maintained.

GCS utilizes a real-time Internet based vehicle compliance system, with electronic logging and tracking. GCS is able to see the GPS location of its fleet in real-time, from any computer or mobile device, nation-wide.

Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) Review: GCS reviews Motor Vehicle Reports annually for all drivers. All drivers are required to report any violations to the company within 24 hours of their occurrence. New violations or collisions are reviewed for non-compliance of any company or school district regulation. Each driver must then complete, sign and date a Certificate of Violations, listing all moving traffic violations and collisions within the past twelve months.

Annual Behind-The-Wheel Performance Evaluation: GCS drivers are evaluated by our Training and Logistics Instructors once a year. If possible, we will increase this evaluation to twice per year. Drivers must receive a satisfactory rating in all areas of the evaluation. If a driver earns a “needs improvement” rating in any area he/she will participate in enhancement training within 30 days of the evaluation. Enhancement training is conducted immediately if a driver’s overall performance earns an “unsatisfactory” rating. When necessary, a driver will be removed from active job functions until training is completed and a satisfactory evaluation is achieved.


Employees are expected to maintain the highest standards of personal cleanliness, as well as present a professional appearance at all times. Customer satisfaction represents one of the most important and challenging aspects of the service industry. As the face of our company to our clients, our employees shall be dressed and groomed in a neat and orderly manner that represents GCS well.

GCS drivers are uniformed like the services they support!